Wanna see the BEAR? Guess what... I will show the BULL as well!

The art of creation

As a child, I felt that creativity as a gift was soaking. I love creating things even from nothing. This is evidenced by my private and job related developments and successes. It was told me 4 times that my idea is impossible to execute. 

First time:

My first invention was a unique dispenser with 60 million Ft ($200k) saving in a year.

Second time:

My second invention was a hand-held sawing machine, which eliminates accidents and saves 30 million Ft ($100k) in a year.

Third time:

Start-up costs can't be reduced, they said ! My idea was to rethink a 30-year old solution that can be implemented in a whole concern, at an annual rate of approx. $400k saving.

Fourth time:

In trading, you cannot create a professional strategy which leads you to be confident in trading and shows the right way in any situation. 

At this point I felt the real challenge!

It all started in 2010...

I noticed an offer from one of the best known Brokerage houses. I will receive 9000 Fr as a "gift" if I open a real account.

Of course I did...

I didn't even know what "Long" or "Short" is, but by some miracle, my 9000 HUF became 120,000 HUF in 2 months.

It enslaved me...

From then on I started to develop myself more seriously. I watched, listened and tried out a lot of videos, webinars, strategies but no success came.

You can't be a winner all the time.

In 2015, I neglected things for a couple of months because I simply didn't bear the fact that I couldn't put a usable thing on the table.

But in 2016, the breakthrough came. I just didn't believed my eyes what I found, and that was when I created SURF. Since then, I have perfected it, producing unique statistics.

Today I am thinking of solving tomorrow's problems so that when I meet them, I will live them as glory and not as a failure 

                                                                                                                                                        ROLAND B.

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