I've been active on the stock market for almost 5 years. I've tried many things, I've watched a bounch of videos, but somehow no known strategy has given me such a sense of secure as SURF.


When developing the strategy, the only goal floated in my head: 

"to create something like the big ones".

I think I nailed it!

The goal was no less than creating a strategy that everyone wanted to own. 

So I put together the important things that can be used to build a smart strategy.

The first thing was the direction:

One of the important pillars of safe trading is knowing where the market is going, because if we trade against the market, we either need to have some insider information, or we are Top Traders and we go to the market with all the money in the world. 

The second one was the correct boarding:

You can easily find a boarder, which depends on the direction, so you have to build strategy on top of each other.

The third one was the exact landing:

The last step is as important as the direction and entry level, determining take-profit levels is essential for trading.


What makes SURF so special ? 

Fulfills all the needs of a professional trade

Common denominator of charters 

A filter has been created so that the runner planes used by SURF simultaneously provides an entry signal.

In my strategy 5 simultaneous signal sets provides the Trader to open a position.

SURF's professionalism lies in it"s unique analysis of charts. Because of the clarity of the analysis it is extremely simple and user-friendly.


 It helps you to orientate in the jungle of finance

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